Carol Custer, LLC is an advocacy firm that was founded on the belief that all children can learn and everyone should strive to reach their potential and live the live they want.  Carol will work to find the right key to unlock potential.  She is a dedicated teacher with over fifteen years experience working with children and adults with special needs and their typical peers.  Everyone has learning differences and struggles.  It is necessary to determine how to present information in a way that makes sense to them and to determine motivators to achieve goals.  Carol will help individuals learn to access information and advocate on their own behalf.    

Carol offers other services designed to help her clients meet their potential.  If you want an effective, private teacher/tutor and advocate who truly cares about those she supports, contact Carol today.







Services offered by Carol:                                                                                                     

1-to-1 and/or group tutoring                                                                        Educational advocacy

DDA Self-Directed (formerly New Directions) Support Brokerage