Tutoring —

One-to-one tutoring in academics, social skills, organization, and study habits for students from pre-k to adult.  Group sessions at a reduced rate per child is also an option for parents who would like to pool resources.


Carol Custer is a licensed teacher with Advanced Professional Certification in Special Education, English, and mathematics.  She will develop a program individualized to each student’s needs, including homework help, study strategies, and behavior management.  Carol will come to your home for one to three hour sessions tailored to the student’s needs and learning style.  These sessions have a proven record of improving her student’s grades in math (including algebra (I and II) and geometry), reading comprehension, and writing.   Carol has successfully tutored students studying for the GED, SAT, and GRE, as well as high school courses.  She has also worked with children as young as four years old.   Call Carol today at 301-788-6198 or complete the contact form below.  



Carol made a huge difference in my daughter’s performance in math.  She is very professional and went out of her way to stay connected to my daughter’s teacher to make sure she was on track for all of her lessons. ~Parent of Algebra 2 High School student
My son has shown tremendous growth and improvement since Carol has begun tutoring him. He took to her immediately which, considering he has Autism, is a big deal! Carol is patient and tries different methods to adapt to my son’s learning style. I would highly recommend Teachable Moments, LLC to everyone! She has a true gift and I am so blessed to have her help my son!
~Joy Brunnelson (mother of 4-year-old)
Ms. Custer is a very dedicated teacher who has a positive effect on her students.  Her sincere devotion to their best interests is evident in everything she does.  
~Sharon Helman, SLP 
Carol, thank you so much for your work with (name of student). She wrote the rough draft without any anxiety attacks, and she has a plan for going forward with what will surely be a challenging week for her. You’re a gem. 🙂 ~ parent of young adult client with autism spectrum disorder